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My name is very long: Ana Cristina Montoya Rodríguez, so to make it easier my website is called AnaCrisMont. I´am a photographer.

I was born in Costa Rica on a rainy October day. In April 2016 I moved to Germany because I married Jan (it´s a long story either to write a book about or to tell with hot chocolate and cookies). I´ll introduce you to him latter in a picture. My first camera was not really mine but my dad´s: an Olympus 35 mm and while playing with her my passion for photography was born. But art … arts has always been a part of my life!

I started drawing, painting. I studied Architecture (even thought I always think should have been Art). I make jewellry. I do bookbinding and a long list of other things that I do with my hands and my heart.

I love rain and its reflections, puppets, philosophy, ice cream, cooking, old books and getting to know people well. A part of me is deeply rooted in the Earth because all living things are natural and magical on the same time. Another part of me often hovers above the clouds. I’m a photographer because I love it, almost in an involuntary way I have to express what I see, what I feel and what people make me feel.